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Angie Burton-Owner

About Angie B's
Established 2010

I started out attempting to make a really fresh and moist banana bread from scratch that has the real taste of bananas, opposed the unsavory artificial flavoring. Dry box mixes just were not giving me the quality, texture, or flavor I was striving for, no matter how I modified it. After a lot of trial and error (as well as countless hours of research), I have finally perfected it. Using only high quality ingredients and real bananas, I have been told by many folks that I have the best banana bread in the Quad Cities. In the past, I have only made them for donations to local benefits and charities, so that used to be the only place you could purchase any. Due to an overwhelming popular request to sell some on the side, I have since been convinced to do so, but in very limited quantities each week. Order some up now and see for yourself what the buzz is all about!


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